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September 2012 Digital Dogbowl

NoBS TeeVee Episode 24

Adding In Camera Color by James Hodgins

When it comes to digital photography, I am always preaching about getting it right in camera and spending less time in front of the computer "fixing" your images (rather than enhancing them). Over the years I have discovered little tips and tricks that I use to get me closer to my final image "IN CAMERA".

One little trick I like to do is to manipulate my White Balance in camera using the White Balance Shift/Bracket function. Most of your cameras will have this function (My Canon G11 does), just look at your camera's owners manual to find out where in the menu system it is.

It's really very simple to use on the fly, just open the menu and use your joystick to shift the White Balance to any part of the color spectrum.

You can even bracket the adjustment to fine tine your correction.

I mostly use this technique when I am photographing outdoors where the environment is a key part of the image.

In the second photo, I had everything exactly the way I planned it, but I wanted the clouds to have a more "pre-storm" look to them, edgier, meaner so to speak. A quick adjustment to the WB in the photo below added the extra color I was looking for but still kept my subjects skintones in line.

Color Balance cont'd.

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Inferno Webinar Series: Dan Frievalt

Join Rob as we start a new webinar series dedicated to the Inferno Speakers.

On Sept 20th, 9:00PM EST we have Dan Frievalt talking about his studio, his thought process behind the creation of his amazing images. Dan has stormed the industry with some high impact imagery inspired by his creative process and his many years as a successful graphic designer.

If you want to expand, learn, improve and grow your artistic photographic skillset, there is no better, faster, better way than to learn from others.

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Bull Pen Print Critique: September 27, 2012

Hopefully, you took notes at the last NoBS Bull Pen Print Critique because we've got another one coming up right around the corner. Get your prints submitted and mark your calendar for Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 9:00pm EDT. For more info, go to this NoBS link.

How I Shoot An Outdoor Wedding in Bad Light

Rob (aka fineart) masterfully delivers wedding photography regardless of the brutal conditions he may encounter. Nor rain nor shine nor snow will stop him in his quest to consistently deliver superior wedding photography. Along those lines, In this delightful video, he shows how he is able to shoot an outdoor wedding in less than ideal lighting conditions. Lighting Link