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The 2009 NoBS Inferno Agenda

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NoBS Photo Success

2009 Inferno

Nashville, TN

November 2-4, 2009

Official Agenda


Monday, Nov. 2

9am -10am Rob & James opening remarks/trophies

10am-12pm Part 1 of Post Processing Techniques with Andy Armstrong

1pm-2pm Part 2 of Post Processing Techniques with Andy Armstrong

2pm-5pm lightning sessions with Marylin Sholin, Lisa-Marie Bearden, Kris Gay, Brian Little, and Tana LeMay (from Wild Sorbet Designs- who will present ideas for framing and design elements for studios/reception areas)

7pm-9pm Open Forum

9pm- ? Loungin' in the Lounge

Tuesday, Nov. 3

9am-12pm Mike Long and Mama Shan- Live pin-up model shoot and Photoshop retouching techniques for doing pin-ups.

1pm-5pm Shelley and Steve Harrington – Posing and lighting seniors

7pm – 9pm Shoot Out- Moderated by Alison


Wednesday, Nov. 4

9am-10am Kerri Allen

10am-5pm Rob and James


NoBS Inferno Print Competition

Inferno Print Competition - 2009 Think, Conspire, Strive to Win!

This will be an 8x10 competition. No digital files. This is a print competition. Competition mounted. Print quality will be taken into consideration as part of the score. No logos or identifying marks on the front of the image. Maximum 3 images per person/studio.

Image must be shot within the past year. Image cannot already have won in any major competition. We will be tentatively judging on Monday night. Closed panel. We will find someone to video tape portions of the judging.

We will not be held responsible for missing or late prints.

Categories: Babies and Children Seniors Wedding Group Individual Wild Card - (Have an image and you aren't sure where it goes? Add it here and take a chance.)

*We reserve the right to merge categories if the participation is low in any category.

Images will be judged on their own merit. Placing them in categories will help expedite finalists and winning prints.

NoBS Shootout

Tuesday night is the shootout at 7:00pm sharp...

Here is how it will go down...

We will have 6 photographers and 6 retouchers.

EVERYONE that is participating will be introduced and then escorted into the hallway to wait their turn. One by one and completely random - the photographer will enter the room to find a backdrop, lights, a model and a prop. The shooter will have 5 minutes to get their shot - they MUST have the model and the prop SHOWING in the final image. After they are done shooting they go back into the hallway to wait until everyone is done.

Once everyone is done shooting - at random Alison will take the card and pair it (at random) with a retoucher. Retouchers will enter the room - set up the computer (and make sure they are up to date with the shooters camera (brian) ) and begin retouching. They will have 15 minutes to download and retouch the image. At the end of the 15 minutes we will take the final image and display them on the screen. Alison will hand out ballots so you can vote on the winner. You will have until 11:00 pm to vote and Alison will announce it at the fun night that is immediately after the shootout at 9:00pm in the Pink Slip lounge.

Inferno Halloween Fun Night

9pm Tuesday - in the Pink Slip Lounge, we are having a HALLOWEEN PARTY!! Since most of us are missing Halloween we are going to have our own Halloween party! There will be a 50/50 draw that night - a NoBS Fashion Show of Costumes and of course a prize for Best Costume, Most Original and more! So put your thinking caps on

!! Lets make this the best party ever!!

Official Phone List

This is a list of attending NoBS members’ and their phone numbers. It is current through Wednesday, October 28, 2009. You may want to check the thread online in the event any more numbers were added.

1 - KrisG 260-220-0603

2 - Amy 315-287-9392

3 - RickB 815-735-4506

4 - Paul Maynard (303) 434-0822

5 - TR Stewart 901 288 7782

6 - Pat Tahan 315-534-0752 Rooming with Amy

7 - Shawn (Riff) 616.402.8459

8 - Derek 530-370-1879

9 - Rick 901-825-8072 (DreamWeaver)

10 - Sarah 901-825-8069

11 - Terry 850-284-5656

12 - Dawn (Ellen) 925-321-2499

13 - Mike P (Improv)615-264-9059

14 - Dawn Younger(pixeldust) 731-335-4566

15 - Danny (Batman/weshootya) 530-200-2103

16 - Rozanne Cadotte 313-550-3547

17 - Gabi Wright 808-782-7079

18 - Chuck Thompson (chuckphoto) 615-428-7631

19 - Gerri Milkovie (gemilkovie) 248.891.7580

20 - Sarah Murphy (SarahM) 608.314.4095

21 - Greg Cleaver (Kelowna Picman) 250-317-0768

22 - Clem Kutzli 1-800-I Love Shawn

23 - Bob(Darkhunny)717-919-4132

24 - Beth (Bella Dedans) 859-619-2922

25 - Tommy (TCOOP/Harland) 830-534-9070

26 - Hoopty 417-793-5777

27 - Tabitha(Daybreakphoto) 586-822-4146

28 - Neil Copeland (Neil Copeland) 404 408-7526

29 - Lisa Schaaf 623-703-9904

30 - Larry Zomer (Marchhair) 616-856-6687

31 - Don Smith 813-918-5746

32 - Douglas Carr 423-667-2576

33 - David Pope (dpope) 770-271-9159

34 - Tim Busch (tbsportpix) 248-514-2175

35 - Karen Hilt (babette) 734-765-7507

36 - Kristi Vickers 901.832.4111

37 - Nicole & Bruce Nicol (NicoleN) 330-428-1749

38 - Christina Mayle (Icie) 740-651-8134

39 - Randy Sartin 865-696-8099

40 - Russ Bryson 865-363-1888

41 - Jeanne Hanson 712-204-4222

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