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October 2009 Digital Dogbowl

Official 2009 NoBS Inferno Agenda

It's finally here! The Inferno is upon us and if you'd like the details in black and white, look no further. We've got the detailed schedule for you right here. We're looking forward to an amazingly successful, productive, and fun seminar that will push our members ever closer to the success they've worked so hard for and perhaps only dreamed of.

Here's a video from Rob:

Schedule and Info Here

NoBS Member/Photo of the Month: Brian Little

How serendipitous that our NoBS member of the month and winner of the photo of the month is none other than Brian Little, who will be presenting a lightning session at this year's Inferno. Here's Brian's story in his own words:

P.O.T.M…Sweet! It is quite an honor to receive any kind of accolade inside this forum with all of the wonderfully talented people here at NOBS. I’m supposed to tell you a bit about me so here goes...

Read the rest of Brian's story here...

design|house Math

If you don't think you are capable of utilizing the new d|h 2 which was recently released. Think again. Here's a nifty video that Andy Armstrong, NoBS member and creator of design|house, recently put together to show you just how easy it is.

NoBS Success Interview: Rob and James

Here's a gem of a Success Interview. This month listen to Rob And James discuss the importance of having a winning personality for your photography business.

Here's the link.

Working With A Spouse: Can It Work?

Are you considering working with your spouse in your photography business but not sure how to make it a success? One NoBS member started just such a thread wondering what the best approach would be to help his wife make a successful transition into his business. NoBS members who work with their spouses gave some great advice. To read more click here.

NoBS Members Continue to Inspire and Motivate Each Other

For those of you just starting out in this crazy business of photography, the struggle to succeed can be an overwhelming one. At one point or another you are plagued by thoughts of self doubt and whether your sacrifices will ever pay off. It's a normal part of the process though. One NoBS member, Julie Poole, recently recounted her initial struggles and gave hope to other NoBS members. To read her inspiring story, go here.

NoBS Member Voted Unsung Hero

NoBS member Mark Ridout (aka Buckethead) was recently selected one of Rangefinder Magazine's unsung heroes for its November issue. He will be receiving this honor in part thanks to NoBS members' votes for him. Congratulations!!

design|house Inferno Sale Announced

Attendees to the NoBS Inferno will be privy to an exclusive sale on design|house products. To see the announcement and the details, go here.

Cheap Studio Background Light

This alternative to expensive background lights comes to us courtesy of James Hodgins. To see how he made his light and the results, go here.

What Would You Do?

James shared recently how he was having difficulty getting paid by a regular commercial client. Curious to see how others handle this type of tricky situation, James started this thread.

The Big Kahuna

For those of you who are new to NoBS, don't miss out on the Big Kahuna, which is NoBS' very own potpourri of downloads and guides for everything from posing to Photoshop techniques. It's a section you cannot afford to miss out on. Here's the link just in case you missed it.

They Wore What Color?!?

Ok, this is a worst case scenario, but what would you do if your client wore the wrong color clothing? If you manage to convince them to allow you to change the color in Photoshop, here's the link where Bill Guy gives a great explanation on how to pull this off.

San Antonio Workshop With Warne Noyce

Warne Noyce (aka combine pilot) will be conducting his first seminar next January. His workshop will be held in San Antonio, Texas on January 16 and 17. Warne has been a generous contributor to the NoBS Photo Success Forum and has enjoyed tremendous success in his own business. To get more details on his seminar, go to this link.

Webinar Recap: Mama Shan

Mama Shan recently completed part 3 of her working with vectors webinar series. If you missed this last installment, you can catch it here.