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In this photo I created a classic family pose using a traditional triangle shape. Notice dad is the tallest. Mom right next to him, nicely posed.

I don't always do this pose, where everyone is walking, talking, having fun, but when I do feel it is appropriate it's often becomes a favorite. Shot at 2.8 for loads of depth. I always shoot poses of each couple, like in the next photo. Shooting at 200mm and at 2.8 creates some really nice background tones and makes them to pop out.

After shooting on this side of the house we headed to the front. I purposely delayed going there because when I showed up the front was still drenched in sun. I knew it wouldn't take long for the sun to drop and the light to be ideal. I shot this from the deck of their house, same lens.

In this photo you can see the light and stand in the water. My wife Tina is holding the stand since any bit of wind and it's gone.

After a series of poses on the dock, I ran around to the house next door, removed my shoes, rolled up my pants and walked into the water to capture the pose in the next photo.

This by the way ended up being the wall portrait they eventually ordered. They also ordered smaller prints of all the other images.

This session is a classic of how I typically approach most family sessions. Listen to mom, make her look good, make dad look like he's in charge. Create a great series of poses and images using the posing strategies and the best lighting and composition.

yours in photography,

Robert Provencher

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