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October 2011 Digital Dogbowl

INFERNO: The Photography Workshop In Nashville 2011

Mark November 18-20, 2011 on your calendars. It's going to be another scorcher of a workshop with the boys from NoBS! Get ready for three days of intensive, no-nonsense photography training unlike anything you've ever experienced. Did we mention that this year Photography School House is joining in on the fun as well? They have become well known as a leader in photographic education with their Ditto Cams, webinars, and events with many of the best known successful photographers in the industry.

This is a can't-miss workshop. You will learn how to grow your photography business and get insider secrets from some of the best sources in the industry. What won't you get? Egos, prima donnas, bull, and hype. You'll get the whole truth and nothing but. Nothing is sugarcoated. You will leave this workshop with more information than you can wrap your head around and your business will thank you for it, over and over.

Speakers at this year's Inferno will include Sandy Puc, Warne Noyce, Amy Coe, Robert Provencher, Andy Armstrong, Kyle Brady, and Kerry Allan.

To see the schedule as well as get registration information, go to this Inferno Link .

Photo of the Month Winner: Bob Bossinger

Congratulations go out to our latest winner, Bob Bossinger (aka Darkhunny). Here's his story behind this shot:

"I met this couple on their first date. It happened to be at a wedding I was shooting. At the end of the night I said the the woman. When you all get married look me up. A year later I get a call. We are getting married can you photograph our wedding. I said No prob!

When I did their E-session I found out the husband has the attention span of a flee. 1 possible 2 good shots and he is off. It is not all bad because his facial expression are the best.

Well as I do to all my wedding clients, I tell them to make sure you contact me when you are expecting. He said oh HELL no they aint having any. A year later I get a call. They are expecting. I did their maternity shoot and then this was the new born session.

Dad was holding her so sweet and I got the shot he jerked just a little and said Rut roh!!! I pulled up in time for ....

"My little girl don't smell like roses!"

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