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March 2009 Digital Dogbowl

Interview with Sarah Palin

We've got a bonus interview with none other than Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin. Hear about what she's been up to since leaving the campaign trail. She's bought herself a Digital Rebel and is jumping into the world of photography! This is one interview that you don't want to miss!

Listen Here...

What Makes You Better?

Competition is a good thing for the consumer. They can shop based on price and on what product they like best. What does that mean to you as a studio owner? It means you have to continually up your game and look for alternative ways to make your studio stand out from the pack.

This leads us to the million dollar question: how and what do you do to stand out from the competition? Remember, everyone can make promises about great photography and customer service, but what is it about you and/or your studio that is unlike any other in your area? Why are you unique?

To see how other NoBS members answered this question, visit this NoBS link. It is not an easy question to answer, as you will see when you read the post.

NoBS Member/Photo of the Month: Tina Miera

I’ve had a passion for photography since age 12. I majored in Graphic Design (later changing my major to Business Management since I couldn’t draw a straight line to save my life!) and wrote my first studio business plan 20 years ago-yikes! I didn’t pursue it any further. I was afraid that if I did it for money, photography would no longer be fun. I was content photographing family and friends.

Photo of the Month


New Advertising Packages for Vendors

Do you offer a service or product that might be of interest to NoBS Photo Success members? If so, NoBS founders James and Rob will soon be announcing the official vendor packages for advertising on the forum and in the newsletter.

If you are curious about the packages, James Hodgins recently gave NoBS members a sneak peek at the what is being offered and what the fees are. Here's the link to view those packages.

Trying to offload props, equipment, etc. that you no longer use or need? You can post your items in the Inner Circle Hockshop.

Photoshop: Getting Us Back To Black & White

One thing the Photoshop revolution has done is help us discover our black and white photography roots. As photographers, we are awed by a crisp and finely tuned black and white image where our attention is drawn to the detail and composition of the work. Photoshop makes it easy for us to do this again without the sting of fixer in our noses or trying to even find black and white film and a film camera.

Read more.

NoBS Radio Interview: Jill Davidson

with Expert Jill Davidson
of VTalkRadio Photography Spotlight
Read Transcript
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NoBS Webinar: Judy Cormier

March went out with a blast as NoBS members were treated to a webinar with fellow member Judy Cormier.

Judy has established her studio as one of the leading edge, go to places for boudoir photography in her city. She is consistently booked out to the max with as many sessions as she can handle and has an overflow of eager and ready clients willing to have her create one of a kind boudoir session created with her unique look.

If you missed this webinar, stay tuned for updates on when it will be posted in the webinar archives.

A Horrifying Engagement Session

NoBS member Mark Ridout recently shared some pretty frightening engagement session images with the gang here on the forum. The bride-to-be, a horror movie fanatic, and her fiance chose to have their engagement session shot at what can only be described as an abandoned house that looks like a crime scene. To see his fantastic images from this quirky session click here.

Sugar Works Group Buy Announced!

NoBS member and vendor, peppypea, announced her group buy for NoBS members only. See the details below.

NoBS Monthly Success Interview

NoBS' very own CSI guy by day and award-winning photographer by night and weekend, Brandom Pittam, is the latest NoBS success story. You can catch this success interview here.

Another NoBS Monthly Success Interview: Cliff Mautner

No you aren't seeing double. Here's another gem of an interview for you this month. Rob Provencher brings to you an interview with legendary photographer Cliff Mautner who is considered one of the best wedding photographers in the world. In it, Cliff discusses how he got his start and where he is today with his career. Here is the link to that interview.

Mama Shan's Studio Portrait Pack Deal for NoBS Members

Mama Shan's got an exclusive deal on her Portrait Pack and Lenoir Lashes for NoBS members. To get the details and the discount link you must click here.

Plexiglass Alternative

If you are a fan of plexiglass but scared of the high cost, consider using shower board. NoBS member, tennassee uses it quite successfully in his high key photography. To see his results with it, check out this NoBS linky.


Is sales your strong suit? Is it your Achilles heel? If so, read on. This thread is filled with some great information on how other members approach sales. Click here.

MacGyver Corner: DIY Beauty Dish

Yes, this is yet another DIY beauty dish, but this one is a whole lot better. Brought to NoBS members by fellow member Navelgazer (Jodi Fitzhugh), this beauty dish is very simple to make, and better still, not an eyesore. To read more and see the results, click here .

Portland Get Together A Huge Success

NoBs members Mike Long of Times Two Studios and Andy Armstrong founder and creator of design|house recently completed their Portland seminar with other NoBS members. The seminar was a huge success as evidenced by the positive responses here on the NoBS board as well as by the images posted from the workshop. To see the images, go to this link.

Are Ya Feeling The Pinch?

The US economy (and the global economy, for that matter) have been in a state of turmoil and upheaval since last year. NoBS members participated in a survey to see if anyone was feeling the effects. The results were surprising. To see the poll, you must vote. Go to this link .

NSI Scholarship Winner Announced

The directors of NSI ( Niagara School of Imaging ) are pleased to announce that Mr. Dan Morency is the recipient of the 2009 NSI scholarship, worth over $ 650.00. Dan has been a professional photographer in the Cornwall Ontario area for over 28 years.

Dan is better known on the NoBS forum as the NoBS Stalker. Congratulations, Dan!