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What About The Boys? cont'd.

When you create a theme portrait like this, you need to create something that will resonate with the child. They have to want to participate in, be a part of, get involved and look forward to. That's why Fairy Portraits are so popular. They speak to little girls.

With girls it's all about magic, romance, poetry and pretty. With boys, it's all about being hip, cool, grungy and, well, letting that inner bad *ss show. These sessions are fantasy, they touch on the alter ego, so to speak. And of course the parents must love it too. And when it comes to Rock Star portraits, they do.

My main backdrop is a 4'x8' fake brick panel wall that I hired a local graffitti kid to come in and paint up for a few bucks.

I also use my Fender Stratocaster guitar. I even bought a small skate board for $12. at Walmart.

Some parents bring in their own jackets, bandannas, and guitars. I was amazed at the results. Boys who I knew very well and thought were reserved showed a side that I never knew. They were right into it.

The lighting and layout is simple.

Two lights and a backdrop. The boys are placed up against the wall and the images are work flowed.

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