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June 2012 Digital Dogbowl

NoBS TeeVee Episode 20

What About The Boys? by Rob Provencher

One of the biggest challenges for us in our photography studio has been what to offer boys. You see, we've been creating these Fairy Portraits for about 8 years so far. Girls love them!

We've even taking it up a notch and started Fairy Days, where we book out fairy sessions all day long, every thirty minutes. Moms yank their daughters from school, the girls love posing for them, and the parents love buying them. Easy sale, great marketing!

What to do for boys? We considered Peter Pan, wizards and knights, but I believe we hit on the perfect solution: Rock Stars!

Rock On...

Hot Topics On The Forum

  • Don't Do What I Did-Failed Marketing"We learn a lot from each other's successes, but we can also learn from each other's failures. I thought I would share a recent marketing venture that didn't go so well for us, so that no one has to make the mistakes we made." Lesson Learned

  • Death: Some People Don't Like To Think About It"My death: It's been on my mind a lot lately since the passing of a dear friend. The though of leaving my loved ones with all my stuff to dig through really bothers me. They don't have a clue about photography and what things are or worth." Death

  • Why Shoot And Burn Is A Bad Idea Every Time "Think about this for a minute. You go to a nice restaurant. Great chef, great reputation. You order your food, and they come back with a head of lettuce, a tomato, and tell you to create your own masterpiece. The waitress says to you: "Oh, did you bring your own knife and cutting board? We don't supply that." That's exactly what happens when you hire a photographer who supplies you with all your files, off the camera, and for a low, low price to you. Also known as shoot and burn photography." Burn, Baby, Burn

  • Awkward- It Finally Happened"This is why you need insurance, people! One of our 2012 senior moms came to pick up her sons images. We are also dealing with her as a mom of a 2013 model. As she's leaving our studio, she trips over her feet and stumbled hard. Having her hands full, her first reaction was to save what was in her hands, which made it worse... she nailed the wall by the door. She cusses and was embarrassed... Steve makes sure she is ok and she waves it off and limps home.... Fast forward: 2 weeks later she comes in in a cast. SHE BROKE HER FOOT!!!" Timber!!!

  • Customer Caught Stealing - WWYD?"Last night I had a booth at a local festival. One of the portraits I displayed was of one of my 2012 senior girls. The mom never ordered a single print from the session, but I had a sample made up of one shot I particularly liked. So during the festival, a gentleman walks up, points to the photo and says, "That's my granddaughter. I have that picture hanging on my wall at home." So I ask (to verify), "You have this picture hanging on your wall?" He says, "Yes, a BIG one!" OK, now I know why the mom has never ordered. But she's been sending me emails every couple of months that says her order will be coming soon--yeah, right!" Been Caught!

Ditto Cam: Wedding Shoot Out

Watch James and Rob throw down in the this wedding shoot out replay from Photography School House!

Showdown at the NoBS Corral

Frontline Webinar Series: Gerri Milkovie

Join us on June 28 with Michigan photographer, Gerri Milkovie, a long time NoBS member who has enjoyed great success in her career. To sign up for the webinar go to this link.

Entries Needed: 2nd Bull Pen Print Comp

Round two, second Bull Pen webinar is in the books, June 21, 2012, 9:00PM EST. If you registered for the first one, you will be automatically registered for this one and the next, since I create a series of three.

If you didn't, do that here: Registration

Replay: May Bull Pen Print Competition

If you missed watching the Bull Pen Print Competition Webinar, here's your opportunity to see how fellow NoBS members fared. Bull Pen Replay

Video: Wedding By The Lake

Here is a behind-the-scenes video from Rob. Watch and learn as he lets us follow him on a wedding shoot by a lake. Lake Vid