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June 2008 Digital Dogbowl

Should You Offer Discounts With Your Wedding Packages?

I received an email from my good buddy Shawn Von Ins, from Michigan. He writes...

Lately, we've been getting asked a lot about discounts for our wedding photography. Here's a few: Do you offer discounts for:

  1. Off season weddings?
  2. Non Saturday weddings?
  3. Paying early?
  4. Paying with cash?
  5. Bridal shows?/li>
  6. Military?
I understand why they're asking, but at the same time I don't want to "haggle" on our pricing like a used car salesman would. But I don't want to appear as someone who won't play ball with them. They might think, "Well, if he won't bend on his pricing, he won't do anything else we ask him either."

How do you handle discount requests and keep the balance?


Inferno 2008: Are You Ready To Rumble???

Look out everyone, Inferno 2008 is just around the corner! The boys of NoBS recently announced that the next NoBS Inferno will be in Nashville, Tennessee at the Hotel Preston.

The Inferno, a NoBS member's-only seminar, will be held November 3-5, 2008. The seminar will be an intensive three-day affair focusing on portraiture and marketing success.

Rob and James promise to bring members only the best, most intensive experience possible. If you've been looking to pump up your business, this is a seminar you cannot afford to miss.

To get more detailed information and the link to register for the Inferno, click here.

Member of the Month: Gabi

Well, it started about 28 years ago. I got my first camera, a 110 film camera and I never fully recovered. I was a girl possessed and snapped pictures of everything from my toes to my pets. My parents were as supportive as parents could be in an age where you had to pay for film and developing. Anyway, my obsession continued in high school and eventually, I landed a job in college working as a pack mule (assistant) for a wedding photographer in Washington, DC. Unfortunately, because of the poor economy at the time, my photography took a back seat to being practical and finding a "real job".


Another Learning Opportunity For Photographers: NSI

What's the kiss of death for a photographer apart from equipment failure? Stagnation. Style and skill must continually be revitalized in order attract new customers and keep the old ones coming back for more. One of the best ways to avoid this pitfall and spark your creativity anew is to attend seminars. If you are in the market for an intense, hands-on workshop this summer, look no further than Rob and James' course at the Niagara School of Imaging.

This five-day workshop will focus mostly on posing, lighting and creating high impact images that sell. Without a good product, your business, and your ability to close sales for profit will suffer. Learn how to create outstanding wedding images, baby portraits, children's portraits, families, head shots, glamour, and even some commercial images that clients are eager to hand over their hard earned cash for.

To read more on the workshop, click this link.

Getting Smart With Smart Objects by Bill Guy

For this article I am going to talk to just those with Photoshop CS2 and CS3. Not that there is anything wrong with other PS and Elements users but this is all about something found in CS2 and CS3 which is a major change and a great upgrade called Smart Objects.

What are Smart Objects? Imagine adding a special layer which is so flexible that not only can you go back and readjust filters and effects settings, but if you wanted to do adjustments to the original image it is just a quick mouse click, do your corrections, and then back to the image with the Smart Object layer with all of your adjustments in place along with your new corrections. And to blow your mind even more, you can replace the image on this layer with a new image and all the adjustments are still in place. Think about that with a wedding album template. You could come up with a really complicated page with lots of images, full page spreads, black and white images with drop shadows and boarders. Then just go to the layers with the images and change out the images of Susan with Amy and you have just saved about an hour of work.

Read More

NoBS Get Together: Team Steve 2008

Senior photography powerhouse couple, Steve and Shelley Harrington, recently held the first ever Team Steve seminar this month. In this seminar, NoBS members got to experience up close and in person, how Steve and Shelley create their senior portraits, how they market to seniors, and some of their photoshop techniques. To see images from the seminar go to this link.

Rob and James Hit The Road

Some of you know, some of you don't, but Rob and myself will not be around that much for the month of July. We are attempting a cross Canada motorcycle trip to Alaska. We leave July 3rd. We WILL be logging in when we have internet access, so it's not like we won't be checking up, we just might not be on everyday, so PM's and email might take a day or 2. To help us out, Riff and the NoBS Stalker are they goto guys, they have the power now to help you out and keep order.

You can follow our progress at this link.

We will also be contacting members as we are in your city or close by, so stay tuned.

What Would You Do?

Each month we will try to find a doozy of a situation which a NoBS member has posted and which could happen to just about anyone (or not?!?). This month, NoBS member TINAM discussed a difficult situation she was facing with a deaf client who was not responsive to her e-mails and wouldn't make a decision on her order for an extended period of time. To read in depth more about what happened and how TINAM finally resolved the situation, click here.

Animoto Announces Upgrades

As was mentioned in the forum by several members, Animoto recently introduced Animoto For Business. This new tier of service provides business account holders even more features and benefits than the consumer level.

Among the upgrades, users have a more extensive collection of music to select from and use for their business, an unlimited amount of DVD quality downloads can be made (consumer users pay $5 per download), and most notably, the Animoto logo is less blatant.

Cost of the service is $99 for three months or $249 for the year. For more detailed information go this link.

NoBS members receive 30% off of these prices. The discount code for NoBS members will be forthcoming and announced on the forum soon.

June Photo of the Month

Congrats to Warne (combine pilot) for creating this month's photo.

"I had just received my new vagabond battery packs for my lights a month or so before this. I hadn't used them much so when the light was fading and the sun was setting we hopped in my vehicle and drove a couple of miles to an old car nearby. I set up my lights and just played. I took quite a few different variations and lighting scenarios.

This one I fired a bare bulb light inside the cab, a softbox from approx 45 deg right, and the sun was...well the sun.

I used Lightroom to create the mood and PS3 to edit.

She was a real trooper as it wasn't very warm outside. They ended up purchasing a 30x20 metallic gallery wrap of this image!"

Making Backgrounds In Photoshop

Resident Photoshop guru, Bill Guy, kindly dropped this little gem in a recent post, which asked how to make backgrounds in Photoshop. To see Bill's tips as well as other tips and links, click this.

NoBS Monthly Chat Update

Hi Everyone,

At this time, I would like to thank the following people: Andy Armstrong, Lisa Marie, Judy Fischmann, Denise (Photosensitive), Amie, Navelgazer (Jodi), Neil Copeland, Steve H and Shelley, Kris G and Bill Guy. What do these people all have in common????

They have all been nice enough to be my guests in the Chat Room meetings. They spent a couple of hours on a Sunday night to type away on their computers giving all kinds of information to their fellow NoBs friends. Once again, thank you for doing this. It is very much appreciated from everyone. If I did forget one of my past guests, please PM me to remind me ( my memory is not as good as in my younger days lol ). Looking forward to our next Chat Room taking place in August. My special guest will be....Well, I have to keep the suspense going for a few weeks, lol.

Thanks, Dan aka The NoBs Stalker

Monthly Success Interview: Andy Armstrong

This month brings us another can't-miss Success Interview from Rob Provencher. Rob's special guest this month is NoBS moderator Andy Armstrong. Andy recently released an extensive collection of Photoshop tools for the professional photographer called design house. NoBS members receive a special discount until July 5. To hear this interview, click here.

Creating A High Impact Capture

Here's a quick and dirty video tutorial from James on using existing lighting to create a wedding image with impact. Tutorial.

Crime Hits NoBS Member

NoBS member Ricky was the recent victim of a robbery. All of his equipment, including cameras and computers to name a few, were stolen. Thankfully, his backup drives containing his most recent work were left behind. To read more about what happened, click here.

Pre and Post Inferno Workshops

A couple of workshops are in the works to coincide with The Inferno 2008 in Nashville. Andy Armstrong will be hosting "The Grind," a one-day workshop on glamour photography, before the Inferno, and "The Grind: REMIX", the day after. Steve and Shelley Harrington will be hosting a Senior Blaze at Inferno workshop before and after the Inferno. All of these workshops have already sold out.

Another NoBSer Throws Their Hat In The Ring

NoBS member, peppypea (Amy Coe), has officially kicked off another potential series of NoBS mini-workshop/get-togethers. To read more about this and the progress in coordinating possible workshops across the US with Amy, go to this link.

Silverlake Group Buy Results

The recent Silverlake group buy ended June 25. The choices selected by NoBS members were Retro, Thousand Springs, Tuscan Sun and Phoenix. If you are interested in purchasing at the group buy discount, keep your eyes peeled for posts from Travis Gadsby announcing the voting periods and links to view the backgrounds.