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July 2012 Digital Dogbowl

NoBS TeeVee Episode 21

Should You (Still) Own A Tripod? by Robert Provencher

When should you use a tripod? Seems like a simple question, but one many are, well, too embarrassed to ask. Mainly because the tripod is such a staple tool and essential, so it seems.

First off, before I give you my take on this, let me state that many photographers always use a tripod. Always. And you may be one of those. I used to be, back in the day. As a matter of fact, I was a tripod snob. If you didn't use one, how could you even consider yourself a professional?

Of course the cameras warranted the use of stabilization. Those medium format cameras were big and bulky. The lenses alone were massive.

Then came the DSLR....and everything changed. For me it did, anyhoo. And for many others just like me who liked the freedom of shooting handheld. The speed, the lightness, the creativity. My true nature shone through and any reservations I had about using the tripod were gone like vapor in the wind. I loved, and love shooting hand held.

However, there are times, and for various reasons that using a tripod is important. Yes, it's come to that. No longer do I, or those like me, insist on shooting one way always. Sometimes I need to drag my trusted Manfrotto from the trunk of my car, dust it off and put it to work.

And the tripod I do use now, when I do use it, is way, I mean way smaller than the monster I had back in the day. At least that's a plus. And the head is lean, smooth and slick joystick. I love using the joy stick style head.


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