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January 2012 Digital Dogbowl

December Photo of the Month : Stephane Hachey

Congratulations to our latest NoBS Photo of the Month winner, Stephane Hachey! Last month's theme was Holidays! Stephane's image of his dog, Molly, in a Santa hat was the paws down winner. In addition to being a very talented photographer, Stephane also enjoys a career in the military. Here is an excerpt from our interview with Stephane.

"Originally from Bathurst New Brunswick, I have had a keen interest in photography since an early age. I can still remember getting my first neon orange camera from McDonald’s when I was only 10 years old. That was the beginning of my long journey into photography.

I've always enjoyed taking photos but I could never figure out why my pictures looked so bad. And by bad I mean horrible. It always bothered me that my photos looked nothing like the ones in magazines, how hard could it be? Then I met an Imagery Technician while I was away on a course. I asked him..... Why are my photos so bad? And then he told me....... And I haven't stopped learning since. I'd like to think that I've slightly improved since then.

I've also done a couple of tours to Afghanistan. First with the Tactical Unmanned Areal Vehicles in 2006/07 and then again with the Griffon/Chinook tactical helicopter flight in 2008/09. It was on this second deployment that I gained most of my photographic knowledge. Only having about an hour or two to myself everyday but with nothing to do, I started reading photography books and magazines. By the time my 9 month deployment was over, I had read over 30 photography books and countless magazines. I just couldn’t get enough information.

Since returning to Canada in August of 2009, I’ve put all of my knowledge to use. From landscapes to weddings, I’ve tried it all. My greatest passions are Fine Art Nature photography and Portraiture. Altho I do quit a bit of stock photography as well, mostly still life."

About His Winning Image

"For some time now, I’ve been using my dog Molly as a model. I use baby carrots to bribe her into posing for me. She’s so accustomed to me taking pics of her and giving her carrots now. Every time I pull out the seamless and my lights she runs and sits facing the camera and waits for her treat. I actually have to lock her out of the room if I’m photographing something other than her, she’s that much of a camera hog. For this shot I was doing some stock photos for Christmas. The hat fell over her eyes and she still didn’t move, ha ha. She just stood there waiting. Anything for a carrot. I’ll give her a few extra for helping me win photo of the month!"

January Theme: New Beginnings

Want to know what you could win? A 10x10 album from Shamrock, design house Vol. 2, a six-month pro membership with Animoto, Craig's Actions Toolkit, Craig's Beauty Bar Pro Package, Craig's Preset FX Power Pack, Mama's NuGlam Bundle, a Colorsmack from Silverlake Backgrounds, an exclusive download from Profitable Studio, and Marilyn Sholin's Painter 12 tutorial "12 for Painter 12!"

BONUS: For a limited time, Rob and James will throw in a copy of Jason Groupp's DVD, "25 Kick Ass Lighting Scenarios"!

After all entries are in, the voting begins! The winner will be contacted once the results are in and then they get to pick their prize.

Important Info For January: Please submit the links to your images to Gabi no later than January 11th!

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NoBS TeeVee

The NoBS boys are off and running in 2012 with the latest episode of NoBS TeeVee. In this episode, hear about the guys' Christmas presents, goal setting for the New Year, and some tech talk. Oh and you'll also hear some other random musings as well, some photography related and some not. teevee By the way, if you missed any previous episodes, all of them are available to view in the downloads section of the forum.

December Monthly Success Interview: Stephanie Buckman

The last NoBS Monthly Success Interview of 2011 is a special one with NoBS member, Stephanie Buckman. Stephanie's interview will be available for everyone to listen as she shares important information about newborn safety during photo sessions. Here is the link to the interview: Baby Safety

Lumapix Tutorials

Our very own Riff (Shawn) has put together a new video tutorial for NoBS Lumapix users. You can find more of his Lumapix tutorials in the downloads section of the forum as well, but here is the link to the thread where his latest video tutorial link is available.

Fairy Day Video From Rob

Here is a video of Rob in action during his Fairy Day photo sessions from a few weeks ago: Fairy Day

Working in Photoshop Elements

Here's a tutorial from Rob on using Photoshop Elements. In his usual keep it simple style, Rob shows us that you can just as easily do your processing on Photoshop Elements as you can on the full version of Photoshop. If you don't have the funds to make the investment in the full version, rest assured you can still deliver the goods with Photoshop Elements. Video Tutorial