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January 2009 Digital Dogbowl

It's a New Year With New Challenges

Tell us something we don't know already. The world is in economic distress and you are wondering how your business will fare. So, what's your next move going to be? Fight or flight?

Hopefully, you've answered the former. Although the urge is to retreat and not reinvest in your business, you must resist the temptation. Now more than ever, marketing needs to become more creative and aggressive and you need to continue investing in your most important asset, YOU. You can't afford to be a shrinking violet in the face of more competition for fewer jobs.

Through the best and worst of times, people will continue getting married and having babies. Oh, and they will still need pictures of their kids and pictures to commemorate special milestones. As you will see from this month's newsletter, life goes on for NoBS members and the marketing ideas are still coming in at full strength.


NoBS To Host Its First Webinar

On Monday, February 9, 2009, NoBS Photo Success will be hosting its first ever webinar. Co-founders Robert Provencher and James Hodgins will dig into some of the latest marketing strategies they have been using in their studios. This includes web strategies, publicity, shooting, direct mail, newsprint ads and more.

This webinar will be for members only! For more details, go to this link .

January Member and Photo of the Month: Jaco

Call him automatic! Long-time NoBS member and vendor Jaco is our first member of the month for 2009 and who once again has been honored by his NoBS peers. Congrats, Jaco! Here is the story behind his winning image as well as an update on his career.


NoBS Radio Interview: T_om

with Expert Thomas O'Meara
of VTalkRadio Photography Spotlight
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Underwater Tutorial by James Hodgins

We think this is pretty self explanatory.

Relocating Your Business and Starting Over

If you are in the unenviable position of having to move your business and start anew, fear not. Plenty of NoBS members have been through this and have good advice for how to hit the ground running. A recent thread was started by a member who returned after being gone for approximately one year and wanted to know where he should start to reestablish his business in his new hometown. To see the advice he received as well as to see the link to another thread started by NoBS member photosensitive who documented her own transition to a new city, click here .

Marilyn Sholin's New Book On Sale

NoBS' very own Marilyn Sholin recently had her book on Painter techniques for photographers released for sale through Amazon. To celebrate the release this past December, NoBS Back members were treated to a free chapter from her book. If you missed that, here's the original link to her thread with the free chapter link.

Straight from Amazon here's the description of Marilyn's book:

"Beginners who desire a great introduction to digital painting techniques need look no further! With this guide, photographers can go beyond the camera to turn image files into creative works that resemble traditional handmade art. Everything required to develop your personal vision is covered here, with a special focus on Corel Painter Essentials and Corel Painter. Find out about multiple softwares, available products and plug-ins, and methods for creating digital art outputting it to various papers and materials. In addition to the award-winning author, several internationally known photographers showcase their best pieces and offer tips and techniques. With more than 1.5 million new digital camera owners last year, this well-priced book has an audience that’s ready and waiting!"

Congratulations on your book, Marilyn!

NoBS Member Shares Inauguration Images

NoBS member, wfosterphoto (aka Bill Foster), a photojournalist, recently shared some images he took while covering the inauguration of American President Barack Obama in Washington, D.C. He had a real bird's-eye view of the events and the images are quite amazing. To view the images, you must go to his post .

Expanding Your Offerings

Variety is the spice of life and in the case of the professional photographer, it is vital for survival. As many of us on the forum have seen, there are an abundance of bad business head shots out there. If you don't currently offer business portraits or head shots, you may want to consider doing so. They are easy and quick to do and a nice way to add some income to your business. With ever increasing competition for business, offering high quality portraiture that will present your client in a favorable light to their prospective clients has high potential for adding to your bottom line. To read about how other NoBS members price their business portraits/ head shots, click on this link . Looking to put together a marketing piece to promote this service? AussieGirl (aka Rebecca) shared hers in this link as well. This is a must read!

Working With Custom Shapes

NoBS member and vendor, Andy Armstrong, is the driving force behind design|house, which is a collection of photoshop actions, brushes, textures, and tools for the modern digital photographer. What many may not know is that he offers tutorials on his site. These tutorials are not just for design|house users but also for the average photoshop beginner. This month, Andy shares with us a tutorial on working with custom shapes.

Hot Prop: Baby Cocoon

Here's a great thread which discusses making what is arguably one of the cutest and inexpensive newborn props: the cocoon. Go to this link to see how to get started!

NoBS Member Returns from SPA

You may recall that NoBS member, Boerneman (aka Jason), was awarded a scholarship to attend SPA earlier this month. Well, he came back and shared his gorgeous results with the gang. Here they are!

Lamar Joins The Mile High Club

Well, not exactly. NoBS member, imaginphoto (Alison) adopted love child baby doll Lamar a couple of years ago and graciously shared with the gang some images from their recent family vacation to Cabo San Lucas. As you can see, the little fella had a bit too much fun. To see more, go to this link.

NoBS Member Featured In Studio Photography

NoBS member JillD recently wrote an article on co-business partnering which appeared in the January issue of Studio Photography magazine. In this article she discusses the benefits of finding a business to partner up with in order to increase your studio's visibility among other things.

How Much Do You Pay?

This is a topic not often touched upon, but how much do you pay assistants or second photographers? To see what NoBS members had to say, go to this link .

Monthly Chat Update

I would like to thank my special guest and good friend Riff (Shawn) for being my guest at the last Chat Room meeting. As usual, there was tons of information given out and a good time was had by everyone who attended. Even Shawn's best friend showed up, yes Evil Clem was there! :) The next Chat Room meeting will be announced very soon.

Dan aka The NoBs Stalker

Thank you to Icie (Christina) for putting together the transcript!

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