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December 2010 Digital Dogbowl

2010: Looking Back, No Regrets
by Rob Provencher

"Worry is a misuse of imagination."

~Dan Zadra~

Every year, around this time, I start a list in my head. It's a rough list of ideas, thoughts, inspirations on goals, challenges, and new directions to consider for the up coming new year.I also get a notepad going, and start making notes of key thoughts and ideas.

As the new year rolls around, and I do this every year, I'll sit, hone down this list and write out a list of goals to shoot for. Each one recorded on a 4"x6" recipe card. I find this exhilarating and inspiring.I even get my family involved and we have a kitchen table meeting as we all write out what we want to accomplish. This is a good practice for our daughter, no doubt. Start 'em young!

I always felt that one of the greatest sources of power available to us is the ability to "see", visualize, and imagine what we want to achieve. This is a rare, yet powerful skill that we could all use to our benefit.

As part of this years' list of goals to shoot for, I thought it would be cool to review the last year. This could also be a great exercise for several reasons, namely, to see what I've done, and feel good about it, and two, in case of any lingering guilt over any screw ups, I can purge that guilt. There is nothing worse than these two words: "If only..."

No regrets. Ever. All experiences, all challenges, all screw ups and blunders are lessons. And we have to treat them as such. Failures are powerful. If we learn from them and use them.


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Photo of the Month Reminder

January's Photo of the Month deadline for entry is January 10. The first theme for our revamped contest is: Children. Don't miss out on a chance to choose from the amazing prizes our sponsors have provided: an 8x8 Shamrock album, a six-month Pro Pass from Animoto, a print from Marilyn Sholin, Craig's Actions Toolkit, Craig's Beauty Bar Package, Craig's Preset FX Power Pack, Mama's Miracle Skins 8-Pack, design house volume 1 from Andy Armstrong, a Colorsmack background from Silverlake, and downloads from Profitable Studio.

All entries must be submitted to SarahM. Thanks and good luck!

NoBS Success Interview: Sandy Puc

In keeping with the mindset of improving yourself and thereby improving your business, Rob brings us an inspiring interview with none other than famed children's photographer Sandy Puc. Sandy has made it her mission to inspire and educate thousands upon thousands of photographers. To hear her go to this link .

What The Heck Is a Colorsmack?

Ahh yes, you've seen people around the forum mumbling something about Colorsmacks. Colorsmacks? What are we talking about here? Want to know what it is? Ok, here's the explanation from Travis Gadsby whose company Silverlake Backgrounds makes them:

"This new concept in speed backdrop rotation involves a 5 foot by 7 foot backdrop material, with cutting edge designs, equipped with a Velcro mounting system on each backdrop. If you are tired of wrestling huge backgrounds in a small area, this is the solution you have been searching for. Photographers have been amazed at how many additional looks they can add to each session without adding more time in the camera room. New designs are added each month." To see more go to Silverlake's website.

Thanks to the creation of the webinar, anyone (almost anyone, that is) can attend a training seminar. NoBS presented members with a ton of webinars in 2010, and 2011 promises to be another information-packed year with more great webinars. In January, catch Craig Minielly and Jason Groupp. To register, simply go to forum and click on the webinar banners on the righthand column. It's that simple. Make these a part of your continuing education in 2011; you won't regret it.

Online Applications

If you are looking for a way to incorporate senior representative applications on your website, then this thread is a must-read. You'll see what the successful senior photographers on NoBS use.


SPA Cover Contest News

A big congrats go out to NoBS member Joshua Carter (Hoopty) who recently won the SPA cover contest. To see his winning image as well as the other images he submitted, follow this link:


Training The Competition?

Good help is hard to find, but what's tough is when your help wants to become your competition. A recent thread dealt with this and it brought to light the difficulty in enforcing a non-compete agreement.


Blog Love Revival

Ah, the power of SEO and blogging. Once upon a time, we shared blog love here on the forum. Then, as we all became busy, the blogging slowed to a crawl. But, hey, don't despair, blog love has returned. To read more about how to get involved and see your Google rankings steadily increase, follow the next link.

Blog loving

Integrating iPad In Your Biz

With the introduction of the iPad, we have steadily seen more and more apps (applications) developed to help the professional photographer incorporate it into their sales and marketing. To see what other NoBS members are using and highly recommend, go here: