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August 2012 Digital Dogbowl

NoBS Inferno Nashville, TN November 2-4, 2012

NoBs Photo Success and Photography School House presents three days of intense heat, fire and photographic education…from the trenches!

If you are dead serious about growing your photography business, learning and discovering insider secrets from some of the best sources available in the industry, no-nonsense, no bull, no hype, no egos, no prima donnas, no academia, just the unadulterated, unvarnished, unsweetened truth from real photographers working in the trenches everyday…

…then this event is the place for you.

And it's coming back to Nashville this November! For information on the current speaker lineup and registration info, click this link.

NoBS TeeVee Episode 22

Photographing the 18-Month-Old and 2-Year-Old Child

Yikes! One of the toughest jobs of all is photographing the 18 month old and two year old child. This is where many a mere mortal have thrown in the towel and gone running for the hills. I have photographed hundreds, if not thousands, and have developed a series of strategies that I'd like to reveal to you right now. Many clients comment to me that "you must have a lot of patience". The truth is, I don't really. I do however have realistic expectations, and that's where it all starts.

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Hot Topics On The Forum

  • Causing A Stir...- "Took 6 senior models to San Fransisco for a shoot. this is causing MAJOR stir around here." Shaken or Stirred?

  • What Happened To Blog Lovin'? -"Some of you old timers (like me) were here when we had a Blog Lovin' thread.

    Essentially it goes like this: we have a list of folks who are blogging on a regular basis. THEN once a week you go through, look at as many blogs as you can then you leave a little love in the comments for the blogger.

    The biggest benefit to this is:
    • 1. Increased traffic
    • 2. Interaction on your site, which results in
    • 3. Higher analytics for your website driving you and keeping you higher on Google." - Blogfest

  • They HATE their headshots - "The way I do head shots is I photograph them and put 5 images in an online gallery to choose from. I retouch one so they can see how the others will look if chosen. Once they choose I retouch and deliver, it's a very easy process. I can honestly say I have NEVER had a problem with someone not liking ANY of the images, it's actually quite the contrary I get great feedback and usually gain other sessions because they love the images...A month or so ago I did some head shots for an Orthodontist office.

    They needed them for their new website....I asked for every ones choice so I could deliver the CD and the docs wife said she didn't give them a choice. She said all the images looked great and she chose the best ones....Fast forward a month or so later and the website is finished and the docs wife called to say 2 girls HATE their photos." Picky?

  • Causing a stir... -"Took 6 senior models to San Fransisco for a shoot. this is causing MAJOR stir around here." Buzz…

  • NoBS needed for my marketing mix -"Ok gang......I'm adding/updating some marketing mix and want some straight, unadulterated NoBS to see how I can improve. I'm going to try to include some future ideas, places I've taken the handouts, and the results wherever possible." Marketing

Frontline Webinar Series: Laura Imbeault

Join us, August 9, 9:00PM EST for our continuing series of FrontLine webinars where we meet and see other photographers who are making a success in their photography business.

No Bs members only.... Registration

Coming soon: August 16 Bull Pen Print Critique

Want to learn the ins and outs of print competition? There is no better way than to throw your hat in the ring at the next NoBS Bull Pen Print Critique on August 16, 2012. To register, go to this NoBS link .

Webinar: Photo Sites That Sell - September 6, 2012

Join Rob Provencher and Kyle Brady on September 6, 2012 as we bring everyone up to date on web marketing, google places changes, google search changes, best layout and design for photo studios and more, much much more, with Q&A..... Webinar Registration

July Bull Pen Critique Webinar Replay

The replay of the July Bull Pen Critique is available for viewing. If you are on the fence about participating or just happened to miss your favorite webinar series, you are in luck. Go to this NoBS link to catch up.