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April 2012 Digital Dogbowl

Inferno Is Around The Corner!

Using Window Light by James Hodgins

I think window light was the first light source most photographers used when creating their indoor portraits. It was free, easy to use, and in most cases a nice soft pleasing light source. With just one window, you can create a series of different portraits that are quick, unique and easy. For my window light portraits I like to use BIG reflectors like the 42 inch Interfit reflector from Dury's , or

in my studio I always have the Flat Panel Reflector with stand this makes it easy to lighten up the shadows and get some big catchlights in the eyes. When using

a window as my main light source, I typically have my subject at a 45-degree angle while I stand parallel to the window. I will then bring in one of my large reflectors on the opposite of the window to lighten up the shadow side of the face caused by the window light. This will give that nice soft lighting transition from the hightlight to the shadow side

of my subject.

windowlight cont'd.

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Webinar Replay: Craig Minielly Nikon TTL Flashes

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